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Infinity Ward helping design Modern Warfare 2 controller


Infinity Ward community guru Robert Bowling issued an interesting tweet this afternoon -- one that suggests the developer is consulting (with who we don't yet know) on a Modern Warfare 2 controller. Before you start envisioning a fully functioning M4 carbine to go with your night vision goggles, know that the pad surely sounds of the nothing-too-fancy variety. Specifically, we know it'll have analog thumbsticks, as Bowling asks followers of his Twitter feed whether they prefer concave (innie) or convex (outie) stick-tops.

We asked Bowling about the controller, and while he couldn't offer any solid details, he did confirm it "isn't being manufactured by [Infinity Ward] or [Activision]," and that the call for votes was meant to "get the opinions of the people who will actually be using it to help settle a debate." You can cast your vote by sending a tweet to @fourzerotwo. (We went with "concave.")

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