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Levine: BioShock 2 needs 2K Marin's stamp

Justin McElroy

Though you may see characters and a world you recognize when you pop in BioShock 2 next year, don't expect to encounter that distinctive Ken Levine flavor, that Zest of Kenny L, if you will. "I make no claim to anything on BioShock 2, and I think it's important that that's their product, and their culture," Ken Levine told Gamasutra. "Because you can't just clone a studio. They're working on BioShock, but it's got to be their project. They've got to put their stamp on it."

While we can't wait to see 2K Marin's stamp, we just hope it leaves room for Arkane Studios, 2K Australia and Digital Extremes' stamps too. Man, we'll be able to ship this thing to Jupiter with all the postage it'll be packing.

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