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Rabbids also Going Home to DS and DSi


Today, Ubisoft revealed the DS and DSi iteration of its upcoming Wii action-adventure, Rabbids Go Home. Like the Wii version, the handheld release follows the story of a bunch of Rabbids building a tower of junk to the moon. However, unlike the Wii version's action-based gameplay, Rabbids Go Home on DS is a "puzzle-adventure" -- which, as it turns out, means basically The Incredible Machine with Rabbids in it.

The Rabbids use items found in each level to make a path from the start point to a toilet, while keeping as much junk as possible and avoiding Verminator enemies. The game features 150 physics-based puzzles, as well as a level editor that allows players to make and share their own creations. DSi owners will be able to "take pictures and customize them with funny Rabbid animations."

Rabbids Go Home on DS will be available Holiday 2009.

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