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Toshiba coating NB200 netbook in silky pink and blue

Darren Murph

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The Dynabook UX / NB200 netbook has only been out for a few months now, but already Toshiba's looking to score a few more buyers with two new hues. Originally launched in white, brown and black, Tosh has decided to queue up a pair of fresher, brighter colors for those looking for something a bit different. Now, you can expect the lappie to start making the rounds in "silky pink" and "blue," though we get the feeling these will hit the UK first. Head on down to the read link for a hands-on gallery, but don't expect any exciting new hardware -- it's still the same ole 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB of RAM and 160GB hard drive that we're so painfully used to seeing.

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