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We really want this Brutal Legend statue, and so will you

Jem Alexander

We already know you want this 1,000-of-a-kind Brütal Legend statue, even though you haven't yet perused the gallery of images found below, so we'll cut to the chase. These are going to be pretty hard to come by. All we know right now is that you'll find more information on how to get your hands on one of these hyper-detailed, 17-inch beauties -- depicting protagonist Eddie Riggs in mid-dismemberment -- on the official Brütal Legend website and Twitter feed.

With 1,000 available, we have a suspicion some may eventually be available to buy, rather than win, but if that happens don't expect them to be cheap. And good luck winning one -- you've got us to compete with.

Gallery: Brutal Legend's Eddie Riggs figurine | 5 Photos

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