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DDOcast brings the goods on MyDDO, full respecs and more

Kyle Horner

If you're interested in playing Dungeons and Dragons: Online Unlimited (or already subscribe to the game) then this is a DDOcast that you absolutely shouldn't miss. It's packed to the rafters with information about upcoming additions such as MyDDO, the social website that we're sure will be as big a hit with players as MyLotRO.

Something of particular interest to us is the discussion of Half-Orcs, although we're certain most players are excited to hear talk of full character respecs. The only thing that could've got our geeky blood pumping faster would be Turbine talking 4th Edition and the brand new Eberron books -- specifically concerning Mournland and the newly revamped Artificer class. Then again, we're not even sure their license covers any of that, but it would make for an interesting podcast nonetheless.

Our plan? Boot up DDO sometime very soon and hit the play button on iTunes. There's nothing like a double-dose of Turbine goodness. Well okay, maybe some actual table-top D&D with old friends -- but what videogame can compete with something like that? It's practically inconceivable.

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