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Infinity Ward lending a hand on Modern Warfare 2 controller?

Darren Murph

Time Crisis fans fully understand the awesomeness of a good gun when playing a gun-based title, so those very gamers will likely grasp the significance of Robert Bowling's Modern Warfare 2-related tweet. Just yesterday, the Infinity Ward employee made clear that he was "in a design meeting for a Modern Warfare 2 controller," and he sought the input of the Twitterverse regarding "concave or convex grips for the analog sticks." If you'll recall, this title can already be secured with an actual pair of night vision goggles, so tossing in some sort of rifle or semiautomatic weapon would just sweeten the pot even further -- chances are, though, this is just gonna be modeled after the plain jane Xbox 360 pad. When contacted by our pals over at Joystiq, Bowling wouldn't elaborate much, only noting that the controller "isn't being manufactured by [Infinity Ward] or [Activision]." So, that means it is being manufactured though, right?

[Via Joystiq]

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