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Interest in Modern Warfare 2 spikes with Call of Duty branding

Don't freak out, guys. We know how worried you were when we told you that interest in Modern Warfare 2 was waning without the warm embrace of that familiar Call of Duty brand name. According to Nielsen's Video Game Tracking service, interest in the shooter has substantially improved following the association of Infinity Ward's work with Activision's recognizable franchise.

Three different consumer interest fields Nielsen tracked -- "Aided Awareness," "Definite Interest in Purchasing," and "Total Positive Interest in Purchasing" -- increased drastically from the week of July 6 (before the title was modified) to the week of July 13 (post-name change). It's just like Bill Shakespeare said: "A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a rose that's clearly endorsed by Activision will sell way better." We're pretty sure that's how that goes.

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