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More easy ringtones with Ringer

Mel Martin

Just the other day we reviewed one ringtone maker for the iPhone, and now another worthy app has crossed my desk.

Ringer, from Pixel Research Labs, is another very easy to use app for the creation of iPhone ringtones. You can use any non-protected media file, including videos, and select it from the list built into the program, or simply drag and drop a file onto the Ringer palette.

The editing is very easy, with a nice large display of the waveform. Ringer balances the dynamic range of the audio, so you can hear the soft parts and not distort the loud parts. It also allows you to change the gap between rings, from nothing to 5 seconds, which is a thoughtful feature.

I like the ability to browse your collection of files, except it renders the titles in your playlist in alphabetical order (note the screen shot above), rather than the order you actually have the tracks in. Some people might like that, others won't. It should be a software switch.

When we review ringtone apps, we often hear from readers about how you can do this for free with GarageBand or other apps, and I agree. However, some may not want the extra steps those methods require, and would rather have something that is really easy.

Ringer accomplishes just that, with a fluid interface and no need to look up any instructions or scan the help files. I can create a GarageBand ringtone with the best of them, but I love the ability to get it done in a couple of seconds while this app filters my collection of tunes quickly and efficiently. Ringer is US$15.00, and as I said about the similarly-priced Pocket Mac Ringtone Studio, these apps are a bit pricey, but if you want it quick and easy they are really great.

Ringer requires Leopard 10.5 or greater.

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