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New ABI Research reports forecasts 20 million network TVs to ship in 2011

Ben Drawbaugh

Sometimes we wonder why we didn't pursue a career as an analyst instead of this Engadget thing. What we mean is how much fun would it be to spend your days thinking of headlines for reports that more than likely just state the obvious? Either way, the latest from ABI Research indicates that in the next few years connected TVs will be the thing to have. Although the report doesn't say it, we'd like to throw our two cents in with the prediction that most of the TVs will use WiFi to connect as we don't see many running CAT5 in their walls anytime soon -- new construction not included. Of course the real question is what exactly will these TVs be using their new found connectivity for? So far the content keepers haven't show many signs of giving up the goods under reasonable terms, and the existing informational widgets are to slow to be useful.

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