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Panasonic's Quick Power Dry hand dryer promises 2-3 second escapes from public toilets


Unless you're a member of the US Senate or a British pop star, most people aren't looking to linger about the dank confines of public toilets. Enter Panasonic and its new Quick Power Dry hand dryer that promises dry hands in just 2-3 seconds with the help of its 280MPH blower. That's an "industry fastest" dry-time according to Panasonic and a crushing blow (har!) to Dyson's Airblade that dries hands in 12 seconds despite 400MPH blasts of air. The wall-mountable Panny FJ-T13V1-W dryer is available now for ¥214,200 -- that's $2,280 in US monies which means you can forget about seeing 'em installed in the New York subway.

[Via Impress]

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