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Preparing for beta: A video tour of Hi-Rez Studios

Shawn Schuster

Last week, we made the trek down to Hi-Rez Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to get a look at how Global Agenda is shaping up just before the closed beta goes live. As you may remember, we were one of the first MMO news sites to visit the studio in October of last year, and we're happy to see the popularity that the game has enjoyed since then.

In the video embedded just after the jump, you'll see a bit of the inner-workings of the studio, as well as a few interviews with members of the Hi-Rez team, asking the question, "How are you preparing for the closed beta?"

Executive Producer Todd Harris explains the situation quite well, "Alpha was all about testing out combat at the highest level of play, and really, closed beta, we're going to let in a thousand new players this first weekend, and we're going to test character progression, and also expose some of the systems around economy."

If you've had your eyes on Global Agenda, this video will hopefully answer some questions about the upcoming beta stages and get you even more pumped for what to expect with the game.

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