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Resistance 2 Marksman recreated in fine form by Calgary modder

Darren Murph

If you're a regular to the site, you'd know that we've a soft spot in our hearts for recreated video game weapons. Partly, we enjoy seeing skill lead to wares, but we also find inspiration in life's littlest (and most dangerous) pleasures. Take Calgary's own Izy Cheung (shown above) for example, who spent over 100 hours toiling over the masterpiece she's wielding. Resistance 2 fanatics will no doubt recognize the gun as the Marksman, a long-range rifle that hardly leaves the side of a devout sniper. The official PlayStation Blog managed to sit down with Izy for a full-on interview, and we'd say the contents are fairly enlightening. If you're interested in what she has to say on the matter (and don't you pretend that you aren't), that read link down there is where you want to be.

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