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Review: Gears of War 2 'Road to Ruin' (DLC)


Gears of War 2's "Road to Ruin" campaign add-on brings a new chapter to the story with a pair of different ways to enjoy it. You can play through Road to Ruin like the rest of Gears of War 2, shooting and mantling your way through everything in sight, or you can try something new to the Gears of War franchise ... stealth.

[Editors' note: This review also features a video walkthrough. So, please, walk with us.]

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In choosing the stealth option, Marcus and Dom slap on some Theron armor and attempt to coolly walk their way into Nexus. For one, it's not very fun to just walk for the fifteen or so minutes it takes to reach your destination. Then there's the hilarious fact that none of the Locust notice the only two Theron guards in the entire joint toting gigantic blue Lancers, or how this pair is suspiciously shying away from the rest of the horde. There's also a series of distractions you have to set off; some of which are only a few feet away from gangs of Locust. Of course, they never notice.

The second gameplay option is to go in guns blazing, which is the Gears of War we all know. You'll battle through room after room of Locust waves, but the problem is these are all enemies you've encountered and fights you've been through before. You don't ride around in a jeep, you don't shoot enemies on the back of a Reaver, and you certainly don't do anything new or exciting.

There is some variety in the paths you take between each option, though. For example, when you choose the guns blazing option, you'll find yourself moving through a Locust prison area, whereas the stealth option has you bypassing it entirely. The goal remains the same no matter which way you choose to reach it, but it's interesting to see how each option changes the way you find yourself at that goal. There's some replay value in that.

There isn't much else to Road to Ruin. There are no interesting or original fights, the areas you run through look like the other Locust parts of the game, and the stealth stuff (which is the lone novelty) falls flat. The mission follows the generic pattern of engaging a group of enemies, clearing the room, climbing a ladder, pulling a lever, rinse and repeat. If you're looking for a wonderful and new campaign experience, understand this road to ruin is a deleted scene for a reason.

Caution: Naughty language, shotgun shredding and minor spoilers.

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