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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best plasma to pick up in 2009?


We're not going to pretend this question hasn't been asked before, but it's a new year and there's a few new competitors for the plasma throne. Looks like our friend Akshay was all about LCDs until checking out this article, and now he's ready to look at plasma for his next flat panel HDTV. The only question is, which one? The Panasonic G10 or V10 series? Find a Kuro on closeout? We'll let him set the mood:

"Ok, now to the main point - I'm looking to buy a HDTV. I have been trying to read reviews online and have been stuck with the basics -- Plasma or LCD. I was going through some Engadget HD archives when I found this article and decided to ask for some advice from the experts. I was leaning a bit towards LCD, especially the Samsung lineup interests me a lot. Then I read an article which easily proved that Plasma is somewhat a notch higher than LCD even though its phasing out.

Ever since I read this, I'm wondering which technology to opt for, given all the factors including picture quality, viewing angles, pricing, marketing gimmicks, etc. If I were to go with Panasonic, which model would be a really good one? My budget is around $1700 (LCD or Plasma). Any lil bit of help/advice from your team would be highly appreciated as I really respect what and how you guys manage engadget! I'm looking to buy it in Aug end/Sept time frame."

We know at least a few plasma TV owners are reading this, reach out via the comments and let us know which one will fit Akshay's budget best.

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