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Atlus porting Yggdra Union spinoff to DS


Most handheld strategy fans probably know about three "Dept. Heaven" games from Sting: Yggdra Union, Riviera, and the recent Knights in the Nightmare. However, there was another game in the series, called Yggdra Unison: Beat Out Our Obstacle, that was only released on phones in Japan. Now, Atlus has announced that it is releasing Yggdra Unison on the DS in Japan this December.

According to 1UP, the spinoff title is a real-time strategy game with a "mixture of Western-style unit deployment and Japan-style RPG tactics," in which eleven armies fight to claim territory. It features the same card system found in Yggdra Union. Since the thing was just announced just now there's no word on localization, but Atlus has released all the other the Yggdra games here so far.

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