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Dave Jones: All Points Bulletin shelf life 5 to 10 years

James Egan

The crime-focused title All Points Bulletin is one of the upcoming games we've taken a fairly keen interest in here at Massively. While we're still hoping for more gameplay footage in the video podcasts that APB developer Realtime Worlds has been releasing since E3 2009, but there's been a fair amount of general info revealed about the game in recent interviews.

Although APB's design is a departure from some of the game mechanics found in massively multiplayer online games, Realtime Worlds is banking that their urban crime title will have the longevity of a solid MMO. Dave Jones, Creative Director on All Points Bulletin, says they could be looking at five to ten years of life in the game.

That statement was a response to a interview question posed by Wesley Yin-Poole at the recent Develop conference in Brighton. However, Jones notes it's obviously not as simple as saying they want to emulate the popularity of a given MMO.

In fact, he likens what they hope to achieve with All Points Bulletin to the success of a non-MMO title: Valve's Counter-Strike. The core combat of Counter-Strike has ensured a devoted following over the years, and that's without the social elements that a game like All Points Bulletin can offer right from the start. Whereas Counter-Strike gamers really had to work around limitations in terms of forming clans and building up communities, APB by design should offer that solid core gameplay but add social dimensions and a sense of progression (via leagues, stats, and achievements).

If you're interested in hearing more about the Realtime Worlds urban crime title, there's plenty more with Dave Jones on All Points Bulletin in the piece.

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