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Happy (belated) 10th birthday, Halo

Justin McElroy

Hey, Halo! Wow, is it ever good to see you! Listen, we're sorry we missed your birthday yesterday, we were really busy with the Babypirates and that dinosaur-headed robot. We just wanted to say you're 10 years old now, and you're growing up in to a fine young man. ... Anyway, listen to us ramble. The point is ... we think you're old enough to have this: It's your grandfather's pocket knife.

Now don't tell your mom about it and don't go poking your eye out, she would just skin us alive. ... What's that? No, smart alec, we don't know how a knife would puncture the nearly 1,000 pounds of MJOLNIR armor that you're constantly required to wear. Now go get washed up for supper, we're having fettuccine.

[Thanks, Jacob]

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