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Nintendo: Game market could grow another 50 percent


Nintendo of America's senior director of product development, Tom Prata, discussed some market research done by the company at Seattle's Casual Connect conference.

In the last 2.5 years, Prata explained, the current gamer audience in North America has grown by around 30 million people to about 143.7 million. Hey, that's just about the period of time that the Wii's been out! What a bizarre coincidence.

Prata said that the number of active console and handheld gamers worldwide is around 295 million, and could grow by another 150 million "if the right game came along." Had it been E3, a trailer for Nintendo's latest surprise game would have started up at that point. One game to trigger the adoption of 150 million new gamers -- that's quite the challenge. Such a game would have to be significantly more popular than Wii Fit.

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