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Pac-Man: Remix coming to iPhone soon

Jem Alexander

Namco has announced that a new version of Pac-Man, titled Pac-Man: Remix, will be coming to iPhone. Due to Apple's silly non-disclosure policies, the fact that we know the game is coming means that it's coming soon. Basically, it's Pac-Man, but this time there's a little more to it (though, little you haven't seen before). The eponymous yellow sphere can jump over ghosts and walls and there will be boss battles and power-ups, too.

Pac-Man: Remix will set you back $5.99 which, if you ask us, is a little steep for another Pac-Man title. There are plenty other, cheaper, iPhone games to spend that money on. Still, we thought you'd want to know that it's coming, just in case there are any die hard Pac-Man fans in the Joystiq audience.

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