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Pachter deems UK's Modern Warfare 2 price hike a 'test'


How much are you willing to pay for Infinity Ward's latest tunnel-of-fun shooter? Is it £54.99 (close to $90)? If so, you've passed what Michael Pachter calls "a one-time test for Activision." Or maybe Activision is passing the test. The point is ... nobody likes taking tests! No, that's not it.

The Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst has told Eurogamer that Modern Warfare 2's higher retail price -- allegedly spurred on by the Euro's strength against the British Pound -- stems from a calculated business decision. "Activision knows it has a 'hot' game, knows that the market will pay an additional 10 per cent, and has decided to increase price accordingly," Pachter said, adding that the Pound was worth less last year when Call of Duty: World at War launched. Pachter speculates that should the gamble pay off, consumers can expect other games to similarly prod established price boundaries.

But you guys aren't going to let that happen! And you're certainly not going to spend a fortune on some goggles and a useless plastic head, right?

Hello? Anyone?

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