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Plastic Logic e-book reader will use AT&T for its 3G needs

Ross Miller

Things seem to really in motion for Plastic Logic, first with news of a partnership with Barnes & Noble and now this. AT&T is announcing that it'll be providing 3G data for the company's upcoming e-reader, the capabilities of which we found out during a noteworthy showing at D7. Still lots of questions up in the air, though, such as if AT&T will charge monthly for the use or provide service gratis like Sprint does with the Kindle. We're also wondering if it'll have access to AT&T's numerous public Wi-Fi hot spots. One bright note is that, unlike Sprint and its CDMA towers, AT&T's GSM network is compatible with carriers worldwide, which makes an international transition theoretically much smoother. Early 2010 can't come soon enough.

[Thanks, Tom]

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