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'Smaller team' commanding EndWar sequel


The voice-controlled RTS EndWar didn't garner the most media attention. But, with 1.5 million units sold, it certainly warrants a sequel. Ubisoft Shanghai is creating a follow-up using a "smaller team,"creative director Michael De Plater told With EndWar's successful implementation of voice controls, the development team can focus on one of the most lacking aspects of the original: the presentation of the single-player campaign. "After the first one, now we have a really good understanding of what to do ... Giving more attention to the single-player is straightforward to address and will make the game a lot of fun."

While De Plater is quick to highlight faults being addressed for the sequel, he remains proud of his team's accomplishment with the first game. While still under the "Tom Clancy" moniker, he considers EndWar an original IP. Considering the challenges that surround launching a new IP, De Plater is more than happy with sales numbers. "We still sold more than Red Alert 3, sold more than Company of Heroes, sold more than World in Conflict. It's still, along with Halo Wars, the biggest new RTS in the last four or five years. Even with those faults it's still up there."

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