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Sony considered second analog nub for PSP Go


Like most PSP owners, we've definitely had our fair share of, "Why isn't there a second analog stick on here?" moments, fiddling in the air with our thumb for the phantom nub. And Sony knows that we want it, according to the most recent issue of Game Informer where Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the company "had a very serious discussion" on the subject, but ultimately decided against it due to worries over splintering the market.

"The PSP Go is designed to be perfectly compatible with the PSP-3000 and all the games that released before that," Yoshida said. For him, it's not a question of improving future games' controls but keeping parity with previous PSP iterations. "We are talking about the mid-life cycle of this platform," he says. Considering the PSP launched in the US in March of 2005, it appears as though Sony is sticking to its 10-year life cycle plan for the handheld.

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