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Sony said to have seriously considered second analog nub for PSP Go


It's no secret that a second analog nub was one of the biggest demands for what's now known as the PSP Go and, according to Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida, those requests were heard loud and clear during the Go's development. Speaking with Game Informer, Yoshida said that Sony had some "very serious discussion" about adding a second analog nub to the PSP Go, but ultimately decided against it to avoid splitting the PSP market in two. He further elaborated that the PSP Go is "designed to be perfectly compatible with the PSP-3000 and all the games that released before that," adding that "we are talking about the mid-life cycle of this platform" (referring to Sony's ten-year life cycle plan for all of its consoles). In other words, don't bet on one showing up on the inevitable PSP Go Slim 6000 either.

[Via Joystiq]

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