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The Daily Grind: Should you be able to choose your class after rolling a toon?

Lesley Smith

The class selection screen is a stable part of every MMO I've ever played. You choose your race, your gender, then your class and you are forever locked into it. The only way you can get out of it is by re-rolling a new toon, perhaps even deleting the one you created and invested time in. It's all right having fellow players suggest a class to play but if you've not had much experience, how do you pick?

This is why I think you should have the option of rolling a character, getting to like them and then have the option of trying out different classes before you commit, utilising them like you do professions in that you have to train to reach max level. At the same time, it would allow you to experience all facets of a game with one character, saving on the hours of leveling alts. What do you think, readers?

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