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Zelnick's Take-Two leadership blasted by investor blog


Wednesday 22 July

170-something lbs. I'm really sad, been putting on some weight and missing workouts.

Food consumed today:
Went total heifer and ate a tub of Cherry Garcia AND Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch. Too upset for anything else.

Late morning. New York: my Take-Two office. Boo! Boo, I say. Meanie McMean-Means at Market Rap, an investors blog site, said not-nice things about me. I was fine with it until the games press -- which I read every day -- started picking up on it. I totally missed my 7AM, 9:10AM and 11:27AM crunch sets because I was so depressed.

Anyway, this Perry H. Rod author guy says that I'm a liar and seems most upset about the stock drop after I brutally rebuffed EA's advances on MY company. He concludes, "If you're keeping score, in a two year period, Mr Zelnick managed to, on three occasions, make vital statements that were within a matter of weeks proven to be either fabricated or just incredibly incompetent (or worse)." Ouch, diary. This dude makes it sound like I'm as bald-faced a liar as Nintendo. It's not fair. I'll turn the company around once the economy picks up. I promise.

[Via GamePolitics]

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