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Amazon offering $5 off Dissidia deal


Even if you've already pre-ordered your copy elsewhere, Amazon is offering a deal on Dissidia: Final Fantasy that's worth checking out (unless you're after the PSP-3000 bundle, that is). By placing the game in your virtual shopping cart and entering the coupon code SAVE5DIS at checkout, the online retailer will knock $5 off its asking price of $36.99. Since the game sells for more than $25, you won't pay shipping or sales tax and will save the dough brick and mortars ask for pre-orders. So, if you ever see one of us on the street in need of cab fare, remember who did you a solid with this one, 'kay?

Update: We posted this deal earlier in the week, however the code wasn't active yet. We're glad to report the coupon code should be active now.

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