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Band Hero DS attachments revealed, gameplay details

Click for life-size DS!

If you and your bandmates are ready to take your five-star show on the road, get ready to grab your DS Lites and crank the speakers up to elev ... well, push the little volume switch all the way to the right. Activision's Band Hero is coming to the DS, and includes four-player ad-hoc for full-band rocking. Players can use the On Tour guitar attachment, drop some vocals on the system's built-in mic, or use the drum skin attachment pictured above to supply the percussional accompanyment.

There's just one minor caveat -- if you've already upgraded to the DSi, then you're S.O.L. Not only will the guitar attachments not be able to plug into the GBA cartridge port that the system doesn't have, the drum skin won't fit on the handheld's svelte frame. Sorry, early adopters!


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