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Google Latitude finally makes it over to iPhone, as a web app

Ross Miller

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The iPhone has finally caught up with its BlackBerry, Windows Mobile 5.0, and S60 competition, at least as far as Google Latitude is concerned. The stalker-centric program is now available for Apple's smartphone, but instead of coming as an App Store-approved download, it's actually just a web-hosted app that grabs your location through Safari -- a new trick care of iPhone OS 3.0. As to why, the Official Google Blog explains Apple had some concern that people would confuse it for the native Maps app. We still don't get why it couldn't simply be added to Maps itself, but we're not the multibillion dollar company, here. Go ahead, let your privacy cares away and direct your iPhone to the link below to see what all the fuss is about. Now it's time to wait (im)patiently for Google Voice.

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