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'Splosion Man could detonate on PS3, Wii

Frank Wilson, co-founder and CTO of Twisted Pixel, said his studio's library of recent downloadable titles could potentially see life on other platforms. Just yesterday, Twisted Pixel unleashed the XBLA title 'Splosion Man, blasting the humorous hero and Xbox owners into Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion. In an interview with Endsights, Wilson said the small developer is not tied to any specific platform and the studio would consider a PlayStation Network and WiiWare release of 'Splosion Man and the studio's adorable adventure title, The Maw, if it "found the right arrangement."

So, other platforms could be in the cards, but Twisted Pixel is happy with what it's been able to achieve on the Xbox platform, so far. "We're getting pretty skilled with the Xbox 360, so it's definitely easiest for us to stick with it," Wilson said. Wilson's words aren't confirmation that either title will see life on other platforms, but at least we've cleared the air of any existing Microsoft money-hats.

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