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Bell has six-month exclusivity on the Pre?

Chris Ziegler

It's been gathered, extrapolated, or otherwise assumed pretty much from day one that Sprint's period of exclusivity on the Pre was roughly six months (we say "roughly" because Dan Hesse himself has explicitly said it's not six), and it looks like things are working just about the same up north. In the case of Bell, MobileSyrup is reporting that they're being guaranteed rights to the Pre for precisely six months, actually, which means archrival Telus is probably rearing to start its kitchen timer (you know, that one your mom has that's shaped like an egg) for the countdown the moment it launches. The more interesting question, though, might be whether Rogers (and, by technological proxy, AT&T) end up with a webOS-based device of their own before that second round of Pre launches goes down.

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