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Builds, powerhouses and tiny pets in Champions Online's new State of the Game

Kyle Horner

The big focus for this week's State of the Game for Champions Online is builds, which act as a way to switch your group role on the fly. The four flavors are: balanced, offense, defense and support -- or Guardian, Avenger, Sentinel and Protector, as they're known respectively in-game. Builds are part of a system that's designed to allow for more flexibility, and thus create characters who may be focused on defense for one mission and protection on another.

Another point of interest are the addition of Powerhouses, which are the in-game training rooms where players can test out potential new powers before committing to them. They're also where retraining occurs as well, so consider them your one-stop shop for all power selection possibilities.

As for the image you're seeing on our post, well, that's an action figure! Everyone loves chibi versions of characters and you can't have an MMO without tiny little personal pets following you around. So, who wants a mini-Foxbat? We know we do, because nothing's cuter than tiny super villains.

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