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DDO Eberron Unlimited beta now available to all active subscribers

James Egan

It's beta madness in the MMO industry all of a sudden! Both Global Agenda and Champions Online are running some major beta events this weekend, and we've gotten word that Dungeons and Dragons Online has some news on the beta front as well with Eberron Unlimited (often simply referred to as "DDO Unlimited"). The beta for Turbine's free-to-play version of DDO is now open to all active subscribers.

Turbine Senior Community Manager, Patience, writes: "We're pleased to announce that the DDO Unlimited Beta is now open to all players with active DDO subscriptions. If you have a paid DDO account in good standing you're no longer required to have a VIP key to access the Lamannia server or post on the beta forums! Your account will convert to VIP when DDO Unlimited launches."

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If you'd like to know what DDO Unlimited is all about, look no further than Massively's dev tour of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited. The latest we've heard from Turbine about their launch plans is that DDO Unlimited will go live on August 4th.

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