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In-flight calling soon to be allowed south of the border

Tim Stevens

While in-flight WiFi is slowly becoming a reality in more and more jets going to more and more places, in-flight calling seems to be stuck in a holding pattern. Whether that's good or bad news depends on your like or dislike of hearing folks blab on their cellys and/or your propensity for wearing headphones mid-flight. If you answered "love it" or "I don't go nowhere without my Boses" you may want to consider a trip south of the border -- that's Mexico, not the glorified rest stop in South Carolina. Soon, travelers there will no longer have to keep their handsets safely stowed or in airplane mode, with the Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes, or SCT (the Mexican FCC equivalent), approving cellphones en-masse for flights anywhere in the nation. This cancels an earlier edict made in 2001 banning their use, and while Mexico's federal government still has to approve things, that's not expected to take long. So, who's willing to risk swine flu, gang violence, and other overly-sensationalized risks to get their mid-air talky on?

[Thanks, Xavier M.]

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