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Indie platformer La-Mulana heading to WiiWare via Nicalis


Yesterday, Nicalis, developer of the WiiWare Cave Story remake and Night Game, announced a deal with Japanese indie developer Nigoro to co-develop and publish games in the US and Europe. The announcement stated that the companies would collaborate on "an upcoming title that is currently slated for release in winter of 2009."

Nintendo Power went ahead and revealed that the game in question is a remake of La-Mulana, a freeware Metroidvania type game designed in the style of 8-bit MSX games. If you haven't played it, check it out! The new version will have more of a 16-bit look, which is probably a good idea for a market that didn't have the MSX. And yes, it does give us the tiniest bit of concern that Nicalis is working on something else before we have Cave Story. Only a bit.

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