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Next Resident Evil movie will be in 3D, will spawn new film trilogy

Anyone who's seen one of the live-action films based on Capcom's Resident Evil franchise are aware of how in-your-face the movies' terribleness tends to be. However, horror film news site Shock 'Til You Drop recently got a terrifying piece of news from producer Paul W.S. Anderson at San Diego Comic Con -- the next film in the series, titled Resident Evil: Afterlife, will be presented in 3D. We're thrilled about the stereoscopic Jovovichian action -- we're somewhat less enthusiastic about the bump in ticket prices that'll come about to provide the necessary eyewear.

Anderson went on to explain the film would kick off an entirely new trilogy of Resident Evil films, saying he regards it "as a re-tooling and rebirth of the entire franchise." We know what you're thinking -- does this mean the films will finally remotely follow the plot of the games? Oh, don't be silly. It's Anderson, man.

[Via VideoGamer]

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