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Scott Pilgrim game tackled by Ubisoft

Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim is making the leap from indie comic page to video game in 2010. Ubisoft Montreal is in the early stages of developing Pilgrim's video game debut, proving almost nothing can take O'Malley's Canadian indie-hero out of the Great White North.

According to IGN, the Scott Pilgrim game will follow the story of the comic series where an unmotivated Pilgrim falls for "the perfect girl," Ramona Flowers, and in order to win her heart he must battle her seven evil exes. While details of the game are scarce, O'Malley expects it to resemble a side-scrolling beat-em-up -- as the creator is a big fan of classic video games. Pilgrim-purists should be happy to hear the game will be modeled after the "cartoony" look of the comic series. No console platforms were revealed.

Scott Pilgrim's movie debut is currently filming in-and-around Toronto and stars Canadian Michael Cera. For a teaser of what to expect from the film, watch anything Cera is in. He pretty much acts the same in everything.

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