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Android team member says Donut isn't 2.0, doesn't have multitouch

Chris Ziegler

Google's bakery-themed codename scheme for Android is a source of endless amusement (and hunger pangs) for bloggers, readers, and users alike, but with just a few builds actually blessed as gold, retail versions at this point, it's not entirely clear how those codenames -- Donut, Eclair, Flan, and so on -- will ultimately map to version numbers. An Android team member, Romain Guy, has jumped in on the official Android Developers Google Group to say that Donut is not 2.0 -- though he hasn't specified what it actually is. Technically, Cupcake wasn't 1.5, though 1.5 ended up being composed largely of improvements made in the Cupcake code branch, so if we had to guess, Google is simply making a similar distinction here -- Donut is nothing but a line of code that's being actively developed, and when it comes time for Android 2.0 to drop, it'll pull much of its changelog from that line. Also interesting is Guy's revelation that Donut doesn't include multitouch support, despite hints from the latest repository that it's in there. Ultimately, we won't know what's happening here until 1.6, 1.7, 2.0, or whatever it's called ends up hitting devices -- but for now, it looks like developers probably shouldn't be getting their hopes up for an open and supported multitouch API just yet.

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