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Rumor: No more authentication tokens for Final Fantasy XI?


It's been two months since the Square-Enix authentication tokens sold out, and still there has been no word on when the item will be returning to the online store.

The Square-Enix authentication tokens were SE's answer to the Blizzard authenticator -- an item that generates a constantly changing numerical code that needs to be entered along with your password to gain access to your game. The tokens added an extra layer of security to your Final Fantasy XI account, further protecting it from hackers who would seek to steal your luxurious items and gil.

The tokens came with the highly loved Mog Satchel -- an in-game item that would essentially double your inventory space, no matter how big it was. The satchel will also become larger when your inventory is expanded by the completion of a "Gobbie Bag" quest. However, the satchel is only available through the purchase of a security token. With no tokens being sold, no Mog Satchels are being handed out either.

Have the authenticator sales come to an end, or is it simply taking this long to make more and restock the device? We'll do some digging for you to find out.

[Via PlayNoEvil]

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