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GWC podcast interviews EVE Online's first lady of piracy and Clear Skies film maker

James Egan

We just came across a great podcast the other day that's focused on all things sci-fi: Galactic Watercooler. Although it's not a gaming podcast, their latest episode (#176) is all about EVE Online. The GWC hosts are apparently really into playing EVE and they talk about the game's setting of New Eden in the context of David Weber's Honorverse series of military sci-fi novels, drawing parallels between the two in terms of strategy and technology. They also discuss the things they've seen and done in their time in the game, from their first steps into (and fleeing from) PvP to a run-in with a virtual prostitute. (You're free to do many things in EVE's sandbox... but that is probably not one of them.)

The hosts are given a hand in relating what they've gotten from the game experience in EVE Online by two notable players. Ian Chisholm, the creator of the award-winning Clear Skies machinima and its excellent follow-up, explains how he tells his own stories in the game visually. He also discusses what drives him to invest so much of his time and effort into the projects, and the technical challenges in making Clear Skies a reality. A fantastic interview.

GWC is also joined by Mynxee from the Life in Low Sec blog, who heads up EVE's only all-women pirate corp, Hellcats. Mynxee talks about her PvP focused playstyle and how she went from being terrified of low security space where pirate players roam, to being one of the people who cause the terror. It's a great peek into the mind of a player with a unique approach to the game, and proof positive that some of EVE's most "evil" characters are actually very friendly people in real life.

The Galactic Watercooler episode on all things EVE is a great listen and we recommend you check it out, whether you're already playing the game or are just curious about the things people do in New Eden.

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