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PlanetSide merges last two servers into one


In an e-mail that went out to the community earlier today, the PlanetSide team has announced that the game's final two servers will be combined into one to preserve the balance of fighting between their three armies. The merge will be conducted on August 25th, so this is ample warning of the things to come.

Now, normally people would be complaining and unhappy over hearing the words "server" and "merge" being put into the same sentence, but that's not the sentiment over at the PlanetSide community. This move has put the veteran players into a state of happiness in their anticipation of the merge. Old outfits are preparing for a resurgence as former players are returning to the game once more.

The only worry being expressed is one the issue of ping. Werner was, sadly, the last of the European servers. Gemini is located in Maryland, USA, so anyone across the pond may (and probably will) suffer a hit to their connection speed. Ping is everything in a game like PlanetSide, where lag creates missed shots and magically disappearing avatars. However, when you weigh ping against being able to frag more people, everyone seems to be leaning towards the ability to frag more people.

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