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Share your Second Life summer look for a chance at L$10,000


Today seems to be a day of contests! First we have the DDO stress test contest that's going to be occuring tonight, and now we have another one for Second Life! A contest of summer style, no less! Who's up for some virtual modeling?

It's the summer, and Linden Lab is interested in seeing everyone's summer attire -- like swimwear, bright colors, and the things you generally wear on the beach. So interested, in fact, that they're willing to lay L$10,000 on the whole deal via an Xstreet shopping spree.

All you have to do is take a snapshot of your avatar in their summer wear while you're lounging on one of the many beaches in Second Life. Once you have a snapshot that you like, go on over and upload it to the Second Life Facebook fan page for everyone to see. Browse the other snapshots and vote for the ones you like, as it's votes that will be determining the winner.

The avatar that gets the most "like" votes on the Facebook page by August 3rd will get L$10,000 credited to their Xstreet account. Sure, it's only about 40 bucks in virtual cash, but it's 40 bucks that you didn't have before. Can't complain about that!

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