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VuNow streaming set-top boxes to get CinemaNow streaming movie access


Verismo's quest to bring its streaming media platform to more customers and OEMs has received a shot in the arm, now that the company announced support for CinemaNow. CinemaNow has already announced plans to come directly to flatscreens via widgets, so if the VuNow platform is adopted into more hardware as it was by Sherwood, expect to have one more internet movie-capable box sneaking into your living room disguised as a receiver, amplifier or cable DVR over the next few years. Word is this is just the first content announcement with more to come, while we anticipate who is next (CinemaNow-based providers like Blockbuster are an easy bet) check the full press release after the break.

Verismo Networks Teams with Sonic to Bring Big Screen Entertainment to the Television

Verismo adds content from Roxio CinemaNow to its VuNow platform, giving consumers access to Thousands of Hollywood movies on their TVs

Mountain View, CA, July 28, 2009 – Verismo Networks and Sonic Solutions® (NASDAQ: SNIC) are bringing Hollywood blockbusters and world class films to living rooms everywhere. Adding the popular Roxio CinemaNow® content to the VuNow Internet TV platform, Verismo is enhancing the entertainment options for movie lovers – letting people watch an extensive content library directly on the TV without a computer. Verismo's VuNow™ Internet TV platform is the first solution that allows consumers to watch and enjoy any content from the web right on their television, without having to connect a computer in between. The palm-sized VuNow Pod gives consumers access to a wide range of online video content including movies, YouTubeTM videos, and live global TV channels, with a click of the remote. The agreement with Sonic further expands VuNow's content offerings. Through relationships with more than 250 content providers, including all major Hollywood studios, the CinemaNow library includes thousands of high-quality Hollywood movies, TV shows, and music videos.

"VuNow offers consumers the broadest choice of online video content for today's living room," said Prakash Bhalerao, CEO of Verismo Networks. "By partnering with Sonic, we're able to give our customers even more entertainment options – from TV episodes to Hollywood new releases." "Consumers are increasingly turning to the Internet for easy and convenient access to entertainment content. Our relationship with Verismo will give entertainment lovers greater ease in accessing premium digital content from the comfort of their living rooms," said Mark Ely, executive vice president of Strategy, Sonic Solutions.

Verismo Networks sells the VuNow Pod directly to consumers online through their website as well as through The platform has already generated significant interest among large Consumer OEMs, Content aggregators, Telco equipment companies, and Service providers who plan to deploy their own differentiated versions of VuNow based products.

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