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iPhone supplies dwindle in Canada

Mel Martin

Our neighbors to the north are grumbling about the lack of 3GS iPhones. The major suppliers, Fido and Rogers, are both reporting they are sold out pretty much across the country. Some Apple Stores in Canada have them in stock, but a couple of calls revealed that even Apple Stores are often out of stock.

Both Rogers and FIDO say new shipments will arrive in 'weeks,' and that back orders are being filled on a priority basis. No dates are being given, and buyers are being told to check back with their local stores or online.

There were similar shortages in Canada and the UK earlier this month. During the Apple conference call last Tuesday, COO Tim Cook said iPhone demand has been "staggering in almost every country we've shipped in."

Apple will need to fix this issue pretty fast. The company says it is going to release the new iPhone to 20 more countries on August 22.

Thanks to our reader Alistair for the tip.

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