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One Shots: Once again in Istaria

The nice thing about One Shots is that it gives us a great chance to look at worlds we don't often get to see, much like today's dark image. This One Shots comes from a game called Istaria (previously known as Horizons) which is an indie title that has a very devoted player-base. This battle shot was sent to us by Thaalia of Order, who writes in: Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted has recently unlocked new content for its players. Dralnok's Doom is a high-end dungeon with all new quests, monsters and the return of the much loved mylocs. This screenshot is my husband, Uther Blade of Order shard, battling a myloc heirophant in grand style. Istaria is well over 5 years old and has a small but very dedicated community of players and developers. This new content will keep us both busy for a very long time!

If you're playing an MMO we rarely hear about - or one we've never seen - we want to hear from you! There are lots of really cool indie MMOs out there, and we're curious to see them. Just email in a screenshot, your name, the name of the game, and a brief description to oneshots AT massively DOT com. We'll post it out here and let others know about your favorite game!

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