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Scribblenauts 'rooster hat' becomes real GameStop pre-order bonus [update]


Click to e-n-l-a-r-g-e
[Update: See 5Th Cell's Jeremiah Slaczka rocking the Rooster Hat after the break!]

If Scribblenauts' September 15 release date is already noted in permanent marker on your calendar, here's a reason to pre-order the puzzle-platformer for wordsmiths from GameStop: Max's Rooster Hat. The real-world plush hat will be handed over to pre-order customers in the US and Canada (and Australia) at the time of purchase. Quantities are limited, so make sure to ask the sales associate how you can be sure to get one at launch.

We want. Want bad. Wait, let's try this: W-A-N-T B-A-D. *poof* Yay!

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