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Ask Engadget HD: Can I subscribe to a service for just HDTV channels?


So you're considering fiber, satellite or cable TV, but don't want to pay for any channels that aren't available in HDTV. Barring a provider switching to full a la carte pricing overnight, we're only aware of TurboHD for that kind of service, but even that comes with drawbacks. Still, James knows what he won't watch, and that's anything in less than 720p, let's check out his question:

"As always I love the site and the podcast, but I was hoping to draw on some knowledge.
Are there any service providers, cable, online, etc. that provide HD only content packages? I really am not in love with the idea of paying for content I'll never watch, which is all of the SD content. Do I have any options? Or is this a pipe dream for the future?
I live in John's Creek (Atlanta), GA."

So, for the discriminating viewer, is TurboHD the best (or only) option? Let us know in the comments how James can get the most value for what he's interested in.

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