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EVE Online: The Butterfly Effect

James Egan

The sci-fi MMO EVE Online has proven to be a popular game among some of the writers at Massively, and with good reason. After having spent years playing in sharded environments, plus the simple fact that it's a break from the fantasy genre, the single-server design of EVE is refreshing. Putting all of the players in this "sandbox" setting -- the galaxy of New Eden -- also creates a unique world dynamic where the actions of pilots on both individual and collective levels can have an impact on the rest of the game's players.

Anyone who's played EVE Online for any length of time is aware of the benefits of the sandbox, but CCP Games has decided to visualize the game's social dynamic with a project called "The Butterfly Effect." This video is a theoretical and beautifully-presented look at how the actions of a lone assault frigate pilot can resonate throughout New Eden. The Butterfly Effect starts out at the smallest level where a choice is made by the solo pilot, to either aid or kill another player in distress, and how that individual's actions and choices in EVE ripple outwards, ultimately affecting the game on a galactic scale, and thus thousands of other players.

While there's more we could say about EVE's open world game design, we'll just let the video speak for itself. We hope you enjoy Massively's video embed of The Butterfly Effect.

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