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Nintendo's Kaigler: Hardcore Wii game sales could go long tail ... maybe


If there's one thing that Nintendo VP of corporate affairs Denise Kaigler knows, it's first-party game sales. In a recent Wired interview, she happily expounded on the "long tail" that Nintendo first-party games tend to enjoy (we're looking at you, anything with Mario in the title), though couldn't say as much for third-party sales on Wii -- especially those of the "hardcore" variety.

When asked about slow sales of critically acclaimed titles MadWorld and The Conduit, Kaigler said that both games could follow the non-traditional Nintendo sales trend (the aforementioned "long tail"), but her comments seemed rooted in speculation. "You know, I don't know ... it could be titles have the same type of sales curve that a lot of Nintendo titles have -- titles [that] don't follow that traditional sales curve where they launch big and then that's it." She said that Nintendo remains "hopeful" that the titles will move more units in the future, calling them both "deep experiences," though we're not sure those kind words will help soothe Sega's assuredly dented coffers.

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